When I was in the third grade I knew I wanted to be an artist.

Ritta Hobbs

My grandmother, Ritta Hobbs was an artist. She went to college and studied art at a time when it was unusual for a woman have a degree and a vocation outside of being a homemaker. That's her on the right sitting in the rocking chair. I grew up watching her paint, smelling the combination of oil paints and thinner. From an early age I was magnetically attracted to her paintings. 

My mother loved art too. She encouraged, prodded and helped me develop a love for creating. 

In the third grade, a student teacher turned over responsibility for one of the classroom's bulletin boards to me. She wanted me to come up with the idea, and direct my classmates in creating the image. I don't remember much about the outcome, I just know I loved it. I was hooked!

I was blessed to attend a high school that had a fine arts and commercial art program. Of course, I took both and was encouraged and taught by some awesome instructors. I majored in Graphic Design in college and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. 

Life has been a blur of design and illustration projects since then. You would think by now, I'd seen it all, but I still get charged up by the latest creative challenge.